I Am Grateful


I am grateful for having a warm family, being surround by gifted kind people. I can not wait till my new book comes out next year. I hope it can impact many lives together in a positive way.  My journey starts here with this blog. I will be posting resources and stories of inspiration to other disabled community.  I hope you can join me and let others know about this blog.  Subscribe now to your right and help me provide a positive impact in other for a better place to live, grove and thrive.  A disability does not have to stand in your way, it is a just a challenge a test to over come.  To be able to rise to something better more beautiful.


Autism Spectrum is considered by many to be a hidden disabilities that is not curable.  It effects more than a million people.  This is a 15 minutes movie with a good explanation on what Autism is.  After I saw the movie, for a second I thought what if we are looking at Autism all wrong? Instead of looking at it as a disorder that cannot be cured, what we look and treat it as its own personality?


UR Transition Opportunities: Encouraging and motivating students with disabilites

Campus Times
November 5th, 2014
Group Wilson

Group Wilson

An individual born with a mental disability is faced with many obstacles, many of which the majority cannot understand. Social stigmas against the disabled these individuals create the widespread idea that these individuals cannot succeed as much as their peers, an idea that often becomes internalized.

Transition Opportunities at UR (TOUR) looks to help integrate disabled students into a the college environment. Similar programs have been developed on campuses across the country to promote increased involvement and participation.

The philosophy of the TOUR program is to give students with disabilities additional support and resources that they need to succeed.


Welcome to my corner on World Wide Web. This is my first post. I plan on bringing you mostly objective but some subjective content on various topics on how to succeed with hidden disabilities. This is my first blog so I want to put a disclaimer out on here.  I am learning as I go along so I like to apologize ahead of time for tumbling  over my feet. Please be patient with my learning curve.


With that said, see you on the next post.

Roman Segal

Author of Between the Cracks: How To Succeed With Hidden (Dis)abilities